Light Blue Galaxy Tab 10.1'' case

Duchess Case for galaxy tab 10.1'' is a very classy design for the modern woman, giving vintage lovers another step into the world of chic. Inspired by the older generation ”granny“ wallets, we brought together the vintage and modern looks.

The Duchess Case makes a perfect carrier for your tablet. Not only does it look good, but it also protects your tablet from scratches and bumps thanks to its protective interior. There is no doubt heads will turn when seeing you with one of these!
It also comes in various colors and patterns, giving you the option to match it with any outfit.

Suitable for galaxy tab 10.1'', and many other tablets!

Light Blue cotton on the outside, Black padded quilting inside.

With gold or nickel frame and chains.

Maximum tablet measurements:
Length: 27cm / 10.1"
Width: 21cm / 8.2"

We love making custom made products! If you need a different size for your tablet (not galaxy tab), we will be happy to make it.

*The chains are for decoration, do not use as a strap or handle!

Our Vision

"In a time when the industry is mainly ruled by masculine cases design for laptop and tablets, we wanted to provide a "lady design". Duchess Case is a feminine design for your beloved electronic devices. We consider ourselves as emissaries of a fresh way of thinking regarding bags, with a timeless and fashionable design, that was developed while considering you in our mind.


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